Men are the pillars of the family, and men’s health is the foundation of family happiness. But now the social competition is fierce, men are facing the pressure of work, life and all aspects, but also bear the mortgage and car loans, it is inevitable that there will be physical exhaustion. Generally, there are 9 standards for healthy men. How many do you meet?

What is the standard of men’s health?

1. Oral health

Oral health refers to the absence of oral diseases such as dental caries, gingivitis and periodontal disease. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the kidney governs the bone, and the teeth are a part of the bone, which is homologous to the bone, that is to say, the teeth depend on the nourishment of kidney qi. As long as the kidney meridian is sufficient, the teeth will be strong and complete. When the essence is insufficient, the teeth will become loose or fall out.

2. Hair is moisturized.

At the age of seven or eight, the kidney qi is exuberant and the hair grows fast. At the age of 40, Qi and blood slowly decline, hair growth slows down or hair loss occurs. After the age of 50, the deficiency of kidney qi makes hair white, because hair growth comes from the nourishment of Qi and blood. As long as Qi and blood are exuberant, hair grows fast. When Qi and blood are insufficient, they can not reach the head, thus causing the hair to turn white and fall off easily. As long as men are healthy, their blood is full and their hair is moist. When the blood is insufficient, the hair will turn white and fall off.

3. Have a good memory

The brain is the place where the essence and spirit converge. People’s memory depends on the function of the brain. As long as the kidney qi is sufficient, people’s memory is strong and their thinking is clear and their understanding is good. Excessive thinking will hurt the heart and spleen, resulting in the loss of Yin and blood, the disorder of Qi and blood, and the disturbance of phlegm, which will cause forgetfulness.

4. Strong endurance

The ability to maintain a brisk and powerful pace is a measure of good health. A healthy 40-year-old man should walk 3 kilometers in 28 minutes, about 134 steps per minute.

5. Have a good lung function

People with healthy lungs have large vital capacity, good gas exchange in the lungs, developed thorax, strong respiratory muscles and slow and deep breathing. About 10 breaths per minute can meet the body’s oxygen needs, avoid overwork of respiratory organs and reduce the risk of respiratory diseases. As long as the heart, liver and gastrointestinal organs have strong blood circulation and adequate nutrition supply, the body will be healthier.

7.The state of the reproductive organs

The health of the reproductive organs is very important to the health of men.Although the human body may degenerate with age, if the state of the reproductive organs does not decrease significantly, the health level of the body is still relatively high.

6. Have a healthy heart

In a healthy heart, the heart muscle is well developed and the heart volume is large. Normally, a man’s heart rate is between 60 and 90 beats per minute. Heart slowing down is a good phenomenon, which can make the heart have enough time to rest after beating, and it is not easy to fatigue.

8. Psychological state

Emotions can affect physical health. Excessive sadness, anxiety, fear or depression can directly hurt the internal organs. Excessive sadness can hurt the lungs, excessive thinking can hurt the heart and spleen, great joy and great sorrow can hurt the heart, and too bad temper can damage the liver. Every healthy man can deal with all kinds of emotions correctly and adjust them in time.

9. Grip strength

Male grip strength can reflect the overall condition of the body, especially the risk of heart disease or stroke. The risk of death increases by 16% for every 10 kilograms of grip strength that men lose between the ages of 35 and 70.

Warm tips

Men can compare to see if they have reached the standard, usually to do a good job of conditioning, take part in more physical exercise to enhance physical fitness, learn to regulate emotions, do not bear too much pressure, reasonable arrangements for work and rest, to avoid physical fatigue.

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