When the moment of passion for couples, are you worried about your sexual ability? The amount of male hormone dating reaches its peak in the 20s, after which it gradually decreases, and in the 40s to 50s, erectile power will begin to decline, so it is usually necessary to do a good job of prevention, all-round to improve sexual ability.

1.Do more exercise, avoid obesity
Moderate exercise can not only improve blood circulation, but also reduce the chance of diabetes and lifestyle diseases.
A lot of evidence shows that running, swimming and other forms of aerobic exercise can help prevent erectile dysfunction. Of course one should also be careful of exercises that put pressure on the sexual organs, especially cycling. Long-time cyclists should choose a bike that fits them, wear pants with spacers, and preferably ride standing up.

2.Get a good rest
Overexertion can affect men’s sexual performance, so you need to pay attention to rest at the right time to maintain vigorous energy and prevent impotence.

3.Do not stay up late
The “night owl” male friends must resist “illegitimate stay up”, establish a regular rest time, eat a diet rich in vitamin C or collagen containing food. The actual fact is that you should not be able to have sex when you are fatigued, once the impotence happens occasionally, there is no need to panic, not to mention reluctantly, so as not to cause bad sexual information memory.

4.Sleeping naked
Men sleep in clothes, especially in some tight underwear, may affect blood circulation, so that Yang Qi is inhibited, for sexual function is not more beneficial.
At the same time, too tight underwear will make the temperature of the scrotum rise, leading to sperm production and development disorders, reducing male sexuality; in addition, tight underwear will also give the genitals to strong friction and pressure, leading to abnormal erectile function, frequent seminal emission, affecting blood circulation and normal sperm discharge.

Take off clothes to sleep, it is conducive to blood flow, so that the male body Yang Qi stretch smoothly, and naked sleep can make the testicles temperature drop, sperm become more active, sexual desire is naturally enhanced.

5.Eating habits
Eating more oysters with sublead and consuming fish and meat containing more amino acids can improve sperm volume, and a balanced diet can prevent penile erectile dysfunction.

6.Quit smoking and drinking
A lot of smoking and drinking will impede the flow of blood, can not provide sufficient blood for the penis thus causing sexual dysfunction. Men need to quit smoking and drinking, avoid drinking stimulating and carbonated drinks, try not to drink strong tea, strong coffee.

7.Eliminate psychological factors

Men should fully understand the general knowledge related to sex and recognize the influence brought by mental factors on sexual function. Treat the sexual desire correctly, not to have antipathy or fear because of the sexual desire. Occasionally one or two sexual failure is normal, do not be too worried and frustrated, nor should you lose self-confidence.

The couple should communicate and exchange more often to eliminate discordant factors in time. In addition, we should give men a certain amount of care, love and encouragement, to avoid bad emotions, and increase the psychological and mental pressure on men.

8.Caution in the use of drugs

Do not take drugs indiscriminately in life, because it is medicine will have a certain degree of toxicity, there will be some side effects at the same time as drug treatment, especially aphrodisiac drugs do not eat, otherwise not only will not help sexual function, but also cause long-term adverse effects.

Finally, it is reminded that physical weakness, overwork, lack of sleep, and stressful and persistent mental work are all factors in the development of impotence, and one should actively engage in physical exercise to enhance physical fitness, and pay attention to rest to prevent overwork and adjust the imbalance of the central nervous system.

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