Condoms not only can be safe contraception, but also can prevent sexually transmitted diseases, but some men because of psychological factors that wearing condoms will have a diaphragm, affecting the feeling, in fact, the correct use of condoms can extend the time of sex, improve the quality of sex life.

How to use condoms to improve the quality of sex life?

1.Squeeze strongly to increase the pleasure

In normal life, women should consciously exercise their vaginal contraction ability, and contract their vagina strongly during sex, so that even if they wear a condom, it will not affect their sex life. By letting women to contract the vagina, so that they can embrace the male sexual organ, thus increasing the pleasure after wearing a condom.

2.Mastering the correct way to wear condoms

There are many couples who put a condom directly on their penis when having sex, and they may even break the condom. Try a different method, let the female mouth and tongue combined for the male penis condom, this process is very slow and gentle, can let the male sex organ to get some satisfaction.

3.Choose ultra-thin condoms

The thicker the condom, the lower the perception of women during sex, the more uncomfortable men feel, so some men refuse to wear condoms for sex. The thickness of the condom directly determines the psychology of sex, so try to choose a thin condom, the thinner the better, the penis close to the vaginal area, sex feels stimulated, while increasing the pleasure.
Of course, in the choice of ultra-thin condoms must buy qualified products to avoid condom rupture during sex.

4.Lock the turtle groove with a rubber ring

First cut off the underside of a condom, leaving only the rubber band, then put the rubber band on the male’s glans and then a full condom, which allows the woman to have multiple orgasms, thus improving the feeling of sex.

5.Two condoms can get double the pleasure

There are some men who wear condoms after they think it affects the quality of sex life, and if they bring two more condoms, it will reduce the feeling of sex life, that is the wrong way to bring condoms. The correct way is that you should first put on a condom, and then put a circle of toilet paper in the area of the glans, but be sure to pay attention to not too thick, so as to prevent rapid ejaculation, this method is suitable for men with premature ejaculation, improve the time of sex.

Warm tips
To choose the correct way to wear condoms, but sex must be selected according to age and physical fitness, to avoid excessive indulgence, twice a week to ensure. In addition to the correct way to contraception, appropriate exercise to improve physical fitness, control the number of sexual life, men can eat more kidney food such as: animal offal, pig kidney, etc..

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