Many people don’t care much about their private parts and only care when there are uncomfortable symptoms.Some men find that their private parts are itchy and unbearable.They are especially afraid of bugs on their pubic hair when they want to see what’s wrong.What is the disease of worms on pubic hair? How to solve it? Let’s find out next.

What is the disease of worms on pubic hair?

The bugs grow on the pubic hair and are most likely caused by pubic lice.This is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the itching of the skin near the bites of pubic lice that live on human pubic and perianal body hair, resulting in a skin contact infectious parasitic disease.Pubic lice usually grow on the pubic hair. Only pubic hair to pubic hair contact during sex can transfer to a new host. However, sexual intercourse is not the only mode of transmission, but the main mode of transmission.

Pubic lice are not uncommon, especially in some unique populations. For example, people who are frequently promiscuous, sexually indiscreet, and have multiple sexual partners can increase the risk of contracting pubic lice.Then there are the poor living conditions and frequent visits to public bathrooms with poor public hygiene, which make it easy to contract pubic lice.

Then again, it is not safe to go against moral values and frequent prostitutes, which are also prone to pubic lice.

What should I do if I have pubic lice?

1.Remove all pubic hairs

Pubic lice are parasites that live on human pubic hair, so if you want to remove the parasite, you must address where it lives. Remove all pubic hairs from the pubic area, including those near the anus. You can’t just throw away the shaved pubic hair or the pubic lice will parasitize other places. Get a clean pot to put it in and a fire to burn it clean.


The next step is to kill the lice, and many drugs can kill them. Common ones are sulfur ointment, malathion lotion, etc. It is still important to follow the guidance and advice of your doctor on the specific medication to be used and how to use it. In addition to these insecticides, sometimes antibiotics are taken to fight secondary bacterial infections

3.Handling of intimate objects

While treating pubic lice, it is also necessary to kill the items that you come in contact with frequently in detail. Because pubic lice may also be stored in these items, there is a possibility of re-infection with pubic lice because of these items, even though the pubic lice in the body are killed. It is safer to wear disposable underwear during treatment. Intimate contact items such as bed sheets, underwear and underwear should be disinfected by boiling, and it is best to replace them if possible after complete cure.

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