Now the weather is getting colder, the body is cold the whole body vascular constriction, reducing the blood flow throughout the body, people’s libido is also weakened. Therefore, the winter sex must be ready to enjoy slowly, do not hurt the body or cold invade the body.

What should I pay attention to during winter sex?

1.Start sex at night before going to bed

The time of sex in winter try to arrange in the evening before going to bed, because after sex you can go to bed earlier and recover your energy. Some young men like to have sex in the morning, but the weather is cold, especially in the morning when the temperature is low, the body’s ability to resist the cold after sex is weakened, and the cold invades the body after getting up, inducing colds and upper respiratory tract infections. In addition, in the process of sex the whole body tissues and organs to participate in this process, the nervous system is in a very excited state, after the end of sex must have the process of adjustment and rest.

2.Can’t have sex after drinking

In winter, many people like to drink before going to bed to promote sleep quality, to help ward off the cold, although drinking too much will expand the skin blood vessels, increase blood flow, can temporarily increase the basal body temperature, relieve the cold feeling, but within half an hour will slowly lower the body temperature. If you have sex after drinking alcohol, this will slow down the flow of blood to the sexual organs, affecting the harmony of sexual life, and even lead to sexual dysfunction. In addition, if you have sex after drinking without good contraception, it may cause fetal abnormalities.

3.Warm body before sex

Nowadays, winter is getting colder and cold may be caused if you don’t keep warm. It is important to get enough energy to fight the cold in winter because sex consumes energy. Couples should warm each other’s bodies in winter and warm them slowly before having sex to improve the quality of sex life.

4.Control the number of sexual intercourse

Most women’s sexual desire decreases in winter because the cold weather and dryness in winter makes the vagina dry and reduces vaginal secretions. When having sex, try to extend the foreplay time, you can stimulate women’s sexual desire by kissing and caressing them, and you can also use reasonable lubricants. If men are sexually aroused, try to sleep in separate beds to reduce the stimulation caused by physical contact.

Warm Tips: How to have a good sex life in winter?
1 . “less” – the frequency of sex is less than before.

2.”Fine” – focus on the quality of sex life.

3.”Anti-freeze” – pay attention to the process of sexual life to keep warm.

4.”Food therapy” – more intake of foods that warm the kidneys and fill the essence and transport the spleen.

Winter is a good time to take tonic, you can eat more dog, beef, lamb, cinnamon and jujube and other foods that can strengthen the kidneys to improve male sexual performance. You can also use hot water to soak your feet before sex to raise your basal body temperature.

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