Many people don’t realize that skipping breakfast affects men’s physical ability.The reason why many men have poor sexual strength is caused by the lack of attention to diet, and the nutritional intake of diet plays an absolute role in the physical quality of men, especially this meal in the morning, but most men ignore breakfast. also because of not eating breakfast for a long time did not effectively help their own physiology, and eventually became a weak man.

How important is a man’s breakfast and how to eat it? Let’s tell you today.

People who often skip breakfast will feel less sexually and their libido will be affected.The brain is the sexual “headquarters”. During sex, the brain secretes a hormone called dopamine. The amount of dopamine secreted can directly affect the strength of sexual pleasure.In other words, with dopamine, we can have that infatuated, dreamy sensory experience during sex. The study found that the areas of the brain that produce dopamine are particularly sensitive to glucose levels, and the critical time for the brain to “produce” dopamine is two hours after waking up in the morning.

If you do not eat breakfast, the body’s glucose levels decrease, which will affect the production of dopamine, which in turn reduces sexual pleasure. Skipping breakfast for a long time can easily affect vascular health, leading to erectile dysfunction in men and lower libido.

Men’s correct morning eating habits

1. Drink a glass of lukewarm water.

Get up early to drink a glass of warm water, after a night’s sleep, the body accumulates a lot of toxins, you should go to the toilet after getting up early to avoid holding urine. Holding back urine for a long time can lead to the prostate and cause serious damage to all functions of the body.

2. Breakfast must have staple food

Staple food contains a lot of carbohydrates, which will be converted into glucose after entering the body, providing energy for the body. If you do not eat breakfast for a long time, all aspects of the body function will decline, serious cases will also lead to premature ejaculation, impotence.

3. Have high quality protein for breakfast

For breakfast, you can drink a glass of milk, a boiled egg and two slices of lean meat to meet the protein requirements for breakfast. You can also add the right amount of donkey meat and mutton to improve a man’s sexual ability.

4. Breakfast should be light, not greasy

A greasy breakfast can increase the burden on the liver and even increase the incidence of various chronic diseases. It will also greatly inhibit the secretion of testosterone and affect the health of men.

Medical research shows that it is most appropriate to have breakfast from 7: 00 to 8: 00, because people have the strongest appetite at this time.
The interval between breakfast and lunch should be about 4-5 hours. If breakfast is eaten earlier, the quantity should be increased accordingly, or lunchtime should be brought forward accordingly.
A breakfast determines the comfort of the body during the day. Tell the friends around you, don’t ignore it!

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