Men’s poor physique can easily lead to decreased immunity, but also easy to get sick, therefore, a good physique is very important for everyone.So, what kind of food can help men build up their physique?In fact, eating more warm and tonic foods in daily life can have a good health care effect.

1. Drink yogurt

There is a saying in life: men drink milk, women drink yogurt better nutrition. In fact, yogurt is not only for women, but also for men. Because yogurt produces proteolytic enzymes in the process of fermentation, which decomposes part of the protein and produces a large number of amino acids, making it easier to be absorbed by the human body. When lactic acid bacteria pass through the digestive tract (large intestine and small intestine), they play the role of antibacterial and antiseptic, regulating the balance of microflora in the intestinal tract. Long-term consumption of acid bacteria can reduce human cholesterol levels and prevent the formation of cataracts.

2.Eat walnuts

Walnut is rich in fat, which contains linoleic acid glycerol, linolenic acid and oleic acid glycerol, which is beneficial to reduce the increase of cholesterol in the blood, and is suitable for patients with arteriosclerosis and cardio-cerebrovascular disease. Walnut contains high phospholipids, which can maintain normal cell metabolism, enhance cell vitality and prevent the decline of brain cells. Walnut is a good brain food. Choline in phospholipids can promote fat metabolism in hepatocytes, thus reducing the degree of fatty liver. Walnuts contain more lysine, which can increase serum albumin and maintain body weight, which is beneficial to the treatment of tumors, tuberculosis and other consumptive diseases. Walnut contains walnut quinone, which has an inhibitory effect on some transplanted tumors.

3.Eat carrots

Carrots are called “Little Ginseng” in Chinese folk. Carotene can be converted into vitamin An in the human body. In recent years, studies have found that people with vitamin A deficiency have a twice higher incidence of cancer than ordinary people. If you eat the right amount of carrots every day, you can greatly reduce the incidence of lung cancer, and even have an inhibitory effect on transformed cancer cells. Practice has proved that carrots have anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects. In addition, it also protects the eyes.

4.Eat tomatoes

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and are the first choice for cancer prevention and anti-cancer. Tomato is sweet, sour, slightly cold, has the effect of promoting body mass and relieving thirst, invigorating stomach and digestion, cooling blood and calming liver, clearing heat and detoxification, lowering blood pressure, and has a good adjuvant therapeutic effect on patients with hypertension and kidney. In particular, men who eat tomatoes can increase germ cells. It is worth mentioning that scrambled eggs with tomatoes is a good nutritional dish.

5.Eat spinach

We always feel that there is more folic acid in spinach, which is easy to produce stones. But some experts point out that folic acid is important to men. Folic acid can not only help biceps contract forcefully, but also provide energy for muscle growth together with the 3 fatty acids contained in spinach, and make muscle more sensitive to insulin, which helps to increase muscle size and reduce fat. American experts believe that spinach can promote muscle growth, spinach contains fatty acids and folic acid, can provide a certain amount of energy for muscle synthesis, folic acid can also accelerate the blood circulation to the reproductive organs, improve sexual ability.

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