With the development of social economy and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, there is more and more understanding of diseases.Prepuce phimosis is a relatively common andrology infection disease, do you know what are the symptoms of prepuce phimosis?

1.Large prepuce phimosis, prepuce hypertrophy is too long, resulting in strenuous urination, urine line thinning and bifurcation. For those with severe stenosis of prepuce mouth, the prepuce sac is first filled with urine and is spherical, and then urine is excreted. The complications of prepuce phimosis include lower urinary tract obstruction, upper urinary tract hydronephrosis, renal function damage, inguinal hernia, prolapse of anus, penile prepuce scalp, prepuce stone, local inflammation, frequent stimulation can cause increased nocturia, penile head and prepuce leukoplakia, papilloma, condyloma acuminatum and so on. According to relevant data, 90% of penile cancer patients are related to prepuce phimosis.

2.The prepuce adheres to the penis, which limits the development of the penis, so the penis is short, the head of the penis is deformed, and even shows a tough structure of contracture. Feel discomfort or pain during an erection, affecting sexual function. If the prepuce orifice and the external urethra orifice happen to be in the same position, the urination will not be affected if the prepuce orifice stricture is not serious, otherwise there will be dysuria or dysuria.

3.The head of the penis cannot be exposed. Under normal circumstances, male friends after the age of 18, puberty development is basically over, and penis development has also been stereotyped. The glans of men will all be exposed after the prepuce retracts. If the glans of the penis cannot be fully exposed, it may be a symptom of prepuce phimosis.

4.Penis smells bad. Male prepuce phimosis will affect the removal of prepuce dirt, once the dirt accumulated for a long time, it will emit a fishy smell.

5.Inflammation. Prepuce phimosis will make prepuce dirt can not be cleaned out, bacteria are easy to breed, reproduction, thus inducing male prepuce balanitis.

What is the harm of prepuce phimosis?

Whether the prepuce is too long or phimosis, it is harmful to the human body.

1.Hinder the development of the penis, affect the harmony of sexual life: the phimosis will affect the growth and development of the penis, so that the development of the penis is greatly bound. Adults will affect their normal sexual life due to excessive prepuce or phimosis.

2.Infected. The sediment and dirt in the urine accumulate in the prepuce and become a bacterial culture agent, which can easily cause penile infection and inflammation, cause prepuce and penis adhesion together, and even cause infertility in serious cases.

3.Impair kidney function. Due to infection, it can cause urethral orifice or anterior urethral stricture, resulting in dysuria. If you have long-term dysuria, the function of the kidney will be impaired.

4.There is a risk of cancer. Studies have shown that prepuce dirt is a carcinogen, according to statistics, 85% of penile cancer patients, phimosis or foreskin is too long.

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