Farting is a product of the body’s natural functioning, but accidentally farting in front of others is embarrassing, especially in a confined space. Why do farts stink? If you often have bad farts, you should beware of gastrointestinal problems, or even colorectal cancer.

Most farts are odorless? This type of food makes farts “rotten egg smell”

Farting is a process by which the body expels gas. The gastrointestinal tract of the human body is connected, and the gas coming out of the mouth is burping and nausea, and coming out of the anus is farting, but the essence is that the gas is expelled from the gastrointestinal tract.

There are 2 causes of gas in the gastrointestinal tract:

● Exogenous: Gas enters the body from outside, commonly by talking while eating or eating too fast and swallowing the gas. If there is flatulence and discomfort in the upper gastrointestinal tract, this is most often the cause. Most of the gas is expelled by burping, but a small amount of gas may go all the way down and eventually become farts and be expelled.

● Endogenous: The gas that goes out from the anus is mainly generated by endogenous factors, which is made by the gastrointestinal tract and is related to intestinal bacteria. If the food eaten can be broken down and used by intestinal bacteria, gas will be released.

Fart is a very natural physiological product, usually 10 to 20 times a day is normal, and most of the farts do not smell.

Studies have found that farts are composed of more than 99% hydrogen, oxygen, methane, carbon dioxide and nitrogen, and less than 1% of various other odorous gases. The air that people swallow during eating and drinking is mainly nitrogen and oxygen, while the other components of farts are mostly made by intestinal bacteria.

According to a study in the British Medical Journal, the bad odor of farts comes mainly from sulfur-containing gases, with hydrogen sulfide being the most prevalent, followed by methyl mercaptan. The odor of hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan was described as “rotten eggs” and “rotten vegetables” respectively, and the degree of malodor was significantly correlated with the concentration of sulfur-containing gases.

Hydrogen sulfide is a product of the metabolism of sulfate-reducing bacteria in the intestine. Cruciferous vegetables containing sulfide, such as cabbage (kohlrabi) and broccoli (green cauliflower), and sulfur-containing amino acids (methionine and cysteine) in proteins may be broken down by intestinal bacteria to produce sulfur-containing gas – fart with a foul odor.

Another study pointed out that animal proteins are the main source of sulfur-containing gas production by intestinal bacteria.

Is frequent farting related to colorectal cancer? Watch out for one symptom

Farts are mostly produced from the intestinal tract, and the smell of farts and the amount of farting can reflect the health of the digestive tract. Therefore, there are concerns about whether frequent farting is associated with colorectal cancer.

Frequent farting does not equal colorectal cancer, it may be that the person has more bad intestinal bacteria and a meat biased diet. However, patients with colorectal cancer may have such a condition, which is a sign of the deterioration of the intestinal environment.

Currently, there is a school of thought that colorectal cancer is related to intestinal flora. Bad bacteria will produce butyric acid in the intestinal mucosa, causing chronic inflammation of the mucosa. In addition, colorectal cancer is originally an inflammatory reaction in the intestinal wall. If the malignant tumor in the intestine is purulent and bleeding, the pus and blood are proteins, which will be decomposed by the bad bacteria, and the gas discharged from the anus will become very smelly.

There is also a growing body of research showing that colorectal cancer is more susceptible to the effects of gut bacteria than other malignancies.

Bowel cancer, especially rectal cancer, may give a direct odor of malignant tumor because the rectum is connected to the anus. When this smell is detected, the cancer is usually terminal and the tumor is very large. At present, there are studies hoping to identify the organic volatiles metabolized by cancer cells and collect such gas molecules to do cancer screening, but it is still only in research and development.

For the symptoms of colorectal cancer, there is one major symptom to look out for: changes in bowel habits. For example, alternating constipation and diarrhea, relatively smelly farts or more frequent farts, thinner stools, less frequent bowel movements, or even painless and non-foreign object blood in the anus, or mushy stools mixed with snot-like intestinal fluid.

There are several signs of an unhealthy intestinal environment

Frequent farting and high farting frequency are warning signs of an unhealthy intestinal environment, even if it is not colorectal cancer.

1.always farting

Eating a bad stomach or eating something not very good, such as eating too much hot, greasy and indigestible food that hurts the stomach and intestines, resulting in inflammation of the stomach and intestines, can cause fart smell or excessive farting.

Among them, the love of fried food, sweets, garlic will make people become “often fart body”. Because these foods will make the body hot and dry, so that the intestines and stomach easily inflammation and fart. In addition, the innate weakness of the stomach and intestines, lack of exercise is also easy to fart.

Constipation is also a common cause of foul farts. When stool stays in the intestines for too long, it continues to be broken down by bad bacteria and produces many foul-smelling substances. So a person who has not had a bowel movement for a few days will let out a very smelly fart.

2.often in farting

Under normal circumstances, if you eat carbohydrates that the body can not digest and absorb, bacteria to break down these substances will be easy to produce gas. Examples include groundnuts and soybeans. People who suffer from lactose intolerance and drink milk or eat things that contain lactose will also be prone to farting as a result. Patients with irritable bowel disease have a high frequency of farting due to faster intestinal peristalsis.

People who have slow bowel movements produce more farts for reasons related to intestinal gas stagnation. And a person may have both problems of foul and frequent farts at the same time, or only one may appear.

3 simple ways to improve intestinal health

1.Drink more water and do aerobic exercise

Drinking more water and doing aerobic exercise can prevent constipation, improve bowel movement and expel damp heat accumulated in the body. Moreover, studies have found that aerobic exercise is more effective in improving the intestinal bacteria phase.

2.Probiotic and prebiotic supplementation

You can eat yogurt or directly supplement probiotics. The fiber of fruits and vegetables can be used as a probiotic source and become a food for probiotics.

3.Eat heat-clearing foods

We recommend eating mung beans or barley, both of which have the effect of clearing heat and can improve a hot and dry body.

For those who are prone to farting or fart too often, if there is no improvement after adjusting diet and exercise, and if symptoms such as burping, acidity, flatulence, stomach pain or change in bowel habits are also present, it is recommended to seek medical treatment.

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