Mouth always rotten means that in the lips and mouth are prone to ulcers, which may be a normal condition caused by some external factors and behaviors, or may be related to nutrient deficiencies, allergies, infections by various pathogens, etc.

1.Normal situation: due to dry temperature, do not like to drink water, like to lick lips and other reasons, resulting in lip skin dehydration and cracking; while such people are not used to timely wipe mouth, use lip balm, often eat spicy and stimulating food, may lead to repeated ulcers on the skin of the lips. The symptoms may disappear after changing these bad habits.

2.Nutrient deficiency: When there is a lack of vitamin B, the self-repairing ability of the oral mucosa becomes poor, and it is easy to form mouth ulcers that are difficult to recover. Vitamin C deficiency leads to inadequate nutrition in the mouth and easy recurrence of ulcers. Zinc deficiency can easily lead to ulcers at the corners of the mouth. Need to follow medical advice for supplementation of drugs containing the above substances.

3.Allergy: Patients are allergic to food and drugs that cause ulceration of oral mucosa, and once contacted with irritants, the symptoms will appear again. Oral cetirizine, vitamin C, etc. can be taken as prescribed by the doctor for treatment.

4.Other: a variety of pathogens can lead to abnormal lips, coccidioidomycosis, the causative agents of Staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus grass green, hemolytic streptococcus, diplococcus pneumoniae, etc., can appear on the lips, resulting in congestion, erosion, ulceration, can be treated with erythromycin ointment for external use, etc., As prescribed by the doctor, the local tissue of the lips after acute necrosis combined with corrosive bacteria infection, can also cause the lips to appear difficult to heal deep The ulcers can be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide and treated with metronidazole as prescribed by the doctor.

There are many factors that cause the mouth to always be rotten, and it is usually difficult to determine on your own. It is recommended to seek medical advice and regulate the use of medication under the guidance of a doctor.

So how to do often rotten corners of the mouth?

1.Eat less stimulating food

In the cold season of winter, many people like to eat some stimulating food, because these foods will make the body feel warm, such as chili peppers. Although this food will make people appetite, but also make the body become warm, but it will lead to fire, thus causing rotten corners of the mouth this situation occurs. In order to keep the corners of the mouth from being so painful, it is best to eat less irritating foods.

2.Eat more whole grains, fruits and vegetables

Now the living conditions are better, most people will eat some fine food, some people do not even know what coarse food is. In fact, coarse food is very good food, which contains many rich nutrients, but also can prevent the occurrence of rotten corners of the mouth this situation, usually we can eat some corn, sweet potatoes and so on these foods every now and then. In addition to eating some coarse grains properly, but also eat some fruits and vegetables, because these foods are rich in nutrients and water, especially within the vitamin can be very good to prevent rotten corners of the mouth.

3.Apply lip balm to your lips

In winter, which is a relatively dry season, not only will your skin become dry due to lack of water, but your lips will also become dry. Never lick the corners of your mouth often when your lips are dry, because this habit will make the corners of your mouth rot. To avoid rotten corners of the mouth, apply more lip balm to your lips during this season.

4.Drink more water

Water is the source of life, in the winter season, which is easy to fire, it is more important to drink more water. Timely replenish the body with enough water, not only can make the body’s metabolism better, but also keep the lips moist for a long time, so it is not easy to appear rotten corners of the mouth.

In most cases, rotten corners of the mouth is not a serious disease, but it can be particularly painful and can cause a lot of inconvenience in your life. Although there are many ways to solve the situation of rotten corners of the mouth, but compared to the treatment of rotten corners of the mouth, the prevention of rotten corners of the mouth is the most fundamental solution, so be sure to pay attention to these small details of life, usually eat less irritating food, eat more vegetables and fruits, but also drink more water.

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