In general, abnormal penile erections are classified as primary (atopic) and secondary. Hemodynamically, they are classified as low-flow (ischemic) and high-flow (non-ischemic). Abnormal penile erections are also classified as acute, intermittent (recurrent or intermittent, as in sickle cell anemia), and chronic (usually the high-flow type).Generally, in the initial stage of abnormal penile erection, all of them are physiological penile erection, and later develop into high blood flow type. So how can abnormal penile erection be determined?

Symptoms of abnormal penile erection

Men’s penises get erect when they receive sexual stimulation, but sometimes they get an inexplicable erection that lasts, so you need to check if it’s an abnormal erection.Generally speaking, abnormal penile erection is diagnosed when the penis has a persistent painful erection without sexual urge for more than 6 hours, or when the penis remains erect after sexual intercourse and lasts for a long time, and the cavernous body of the penis is obviously swollen and painful, making it intolerable.

If the erection lasts longer than 2 days, thrombosis of the erectile tissue occurs, the erection is not relieved, and the neuroreflex (functional) erection is replaced by a thrombotic, sclerotic erection.If the erection lasts longer than 10 days, the corpus cavernosum will become fibrous and hard, causing serious organic damage and leaving permanent impotence sequelae. Therefore, abnormal penile erection should be considered an emergency and treated as soon as possible.

Dealing with abnormal penile erections

After an abnormal penile erection occurs, cold ice packs can be applied to the penis or isoamyl nitrate can be inhaled to dilate the small arteries during first aid at the scene, and the patient should be sent to the hospital for timely treatment. In general, according to the time of abnormal erection, non-surgical conservative treatment should first be performed for 12 hours, and if the swelling does not go down, shunt surgery should be performed.

There are more non-surgical treatments, including pain relief, sedation, cold compresses, and massive fluid infusion. Epidural anesthesia with cavernous suction and nitroprusside-controlled low pressure anesthesia, local injection of meprobamate, prostate massage, etc.Abnormal penile erection induced by cavernous injection of poppies can be treated with rapid cycling exercise, i.e. the patient performs rapid and vigorous cycling exercise and the engorged penis disappears within a few minutes, which is actually a simple and non-invasive lower limb “shunt”.It has also been reported that intracavernosal injection of 3-5 mg alamin and manual kneading have been used to help blood reflux. Urokinase 10,000 units dissolved in 5-10 ml saline and injected intracavernosally has been used and the erection can be completely relieved after 5-30 minutes.

The best way to deal with the above situation is to go to the hospital.

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