There are many contraceptive methods available in everyday life, among which condoms are a safe and effective contraceptive method, and they can also prevent the occurrence of diseases. However, condoms seem relatively simple to use, but in fact there are precautions to take when using them, if not pay attention will affect the effectiveness of contraception.

Tips for using condoms

1.After the penis is erect, place a penis sheath securely over the penis to the base of the penis.

2.After sex, remove the condom before the penis weakens.

3.Pinch the air sac at the front of the condom while wearing it to store semen.

4.Check the date of manufacture before use to avoid using expired condoms, which can cause unwanted pregnancy.Condoms generally have a shelf life of five years, and three years for injectables.

5.Condoms must be stored in a cool, dry, non-acidic, non-alkaline and oil-free environment. If it becomes sticky and brittle after exposure to the above conditions, it should not be used again, even within its shelf life.

6.Condoms have different specifications, you should choose the appropriate model according to the size of the penis when erect, otherwise too tight easy to break, too loose easy to slip off, will affect the use of the effect.

7.The condom should not be unfolded beforehand, but should be unfolded on the erect head of the penis from the glans downwards.

8.The small semen storage bag at the top of the condom should be deflated before putting it on the head of the penis to prevent the air in the bag from expanding with heat and causing semen to spill over the root of the penis during ejaculation.

9.If you have sex after ejaculation, remove the penis from the vagina as soon as possible and remove the condom as soon as possible. If you delay, there is a risk that the semen inside the condom will spill out and cause an unwanted pregnancy.

How do I use condoms?

1.Whenever you use a new condom for sex, open the package carefully, do not tear the condom, and do not use a damaged condom.

2.Before putting a condom on your penis, do not unroll it first. In the past, the first blowing before use to check, is no longer applicable, because as long as the product is qualified, there is generally no problem of breakage, and the packaging has been rolled, easy to use, if opened before use, but make it more difficult to wear condoms.

3.The condom should be placed on the penis after erection and before vaginal penetration. If you are uncircumcised, turn the foreskin back up, pinch the small bubble at the front of the condom and place it on the end of the penis.

4.Continue to pinch the hollow bubble at the tip of the condom as you unfold the condom to the base of the penis. If you see a break in the condom or feel that the condom has broken during use, stop using the condom immediately and get a new one.

5.After ejaculation, while the penis is still erect, squeeze the base of the penis and gently pull it out of the vagina. Gently remove the condom, taking care not to spill any semen.

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