Morning exercise is a form of physical exercise led by jogging in the morning. Persistent morning exercise can strengthen resistance, enhance immunity and improve mental outlook. Morning exercise should pay attention to run-led, and should be supplemented with sufficient water and a small amount of ingredients before morning exercise. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of morning running.

Some of the benefits of running in the morning include:

1.Morning running can lose weight, and the effect is more obvious. The calorie intake in the morning is relatively small, and in the state of the body close to fasting, it will give priority to the consumption of fat to provide energy, which can make weight loss and achieve the purpose of weight loss and body shaping.

2.Morning running can maintain a good mood. Morning air is relatively good, morning running will make the body gradually excited, with a good mood to face the day’s work, so they will be happy and improve work efficiency.

3.Running in the morning is good for heart and lung health. Running in the morning can improve the ability to breathe and the ability of the heart to beat, which can help in the treatment of chronic heart disease.

4.Running in the morning can improve immunity. Breakfast running will promote blood circulation in the body, thus promoting the body’s metabolism and improving immunity.

It is recommended to drink water and eat low-calorie food appropriately when running in the morning to prevent the symptoms of hypoglycemia caused by excessive exercise. The body is stiff before morning running, so warm-up exercises are necessary to prevent muscle strain during exercise.

What are the negative effects of running in the morning?

In general, running in the morning can have negative effects, such as triggering hypoglycemia, causing blood clots, and increasing stress on the heart.

1.Trigger hypoglycemia: Because when exercising, the body will consume a lot of energy, which is mainly supplied by glucose. If the patient runs in the morning, especially in the fasting state, the blood glucose concentration is low, and after exercise, hypoglycemia will easily occur. It is suggested that patients can eat some food appropriately before running to avoid such situation.

2.Lead to blood clots: In the morning, due to the high number of platelets in the body’s blood, the human blood state at this time is more viscous, the movement will accelerate blood circulation, which may lead to blood clots. In this case, patients are advised to seek medical attention in time to avoid delay in treatment.

3.Increased stress on the heart: Because the heart does not usually adapt to full exercise in the morning, running will speed up the heart rate and increase the heart rate and blood pressure, which may put a strain on the heart. If the patient feels uncomfortable with the heart, it is recommended to stop and rest properly for a while.

There is also a possibility of heart attack. Patients should seek medical attention if they experience any discomfort.

What to consider when running in the morning?

Precautions for morning running include eating before your morning run, choosing the right time for your morning run, running at a steady pace, and stretching after your morning run.

1.Eat before the morning run: usually can not fasting state morning run, 10-20 minutes before the morning run a small amount of food containing sugar, for example, you can choose to eat bread before the morning run, a glass of warm boiled water, which will help support the internal circulation of running.

2.It is important to choose the right time to run in the morning: you can choose to run in the morning before going to work or school, the morning run time control in about 30-60 minutes is better, too short to reach the spirit and exercise effect, too long to cause physical fatigue, control the time of the morning run can make the whole day in a full state of mind.

3.Run at a steady pace: When you run in the morning, be careful not to run too fast and run at a steady pace. The purpose of morning running is to promote the metabolism and circulation of the body, and a gentle pace is beneficial to the health of the heart, lungs, and other organs. Running too fast will lead to a state of oxygen deficiency in the lungs, but is not conducive to the health of the body.

4.After the morning run to do stretching action: After the morning run because the muscle is in a state of tension, you can do some stretching action, can promote muscle relaxation, but also conducive to the metabolism of lactic acid.

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