Sweating is normal, but sometimes excessive sweating can be a medical condition. Today we will look at the causes and treatments of sweaty palms.

Sweaty palms are common at this age

“Sweaty palms” is a familiar and unfamiliar sounding condition that plagues the lives of many people. The onset of sweaty palms is not seasonal, regardless of location, and can occur at any time. Some people have sweaty palms that make it difficult to hold a pencil while studying for an exam, to hold a steering wheel while driving, or even to perform jobs such as hairdressing or precision instrument repair because of slippery palms. Over time, some patients may become eccentric and have an inferiority complex, afraid to shake hands or party, and refuse to socialize.

“Sweaty palms” is a member of the hyperhidrosis family, which is characterized by sweating in multiple parts of the body. Once sweaty hands strike, 70% of people will have sweaty feet, 30% will have sweaty faces, and 5% will have sweaty heads. According to survey statistics, the incidence of palm sweating in young people is about 2.8%, common in teenagers and adolescents, generally 8-12 years of age, the most obvious symptoms before the age of 30, congenital family inheritance accounted for 25%.

The cause of nonstop sweating is actually

When it comes to the cause of “sweaty palms”, one key word must be mentioned – “sympathetic excitation”. The sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves combine to form the vegetative nerves, which are not controlled by the brain. Once the vegetative nerves are disturbed, the corresponding organs of the body, including the sweat glands, become dysfunctional, and “palm sweating” is due to excessive excitation of the sympathetic nerves, resulting in excessive sweating of the palm sweat glands.

According to the degree of sweating, “palm sweating” can be divided into 3 levels, mild: palm damp; moderate: palm sweating soaked by a handkerchief; severe: palm sweating into sweat droplets, and sometimes can also flow down the fingers, which can cause problems to people’s work, study and life.

Sweaty palms can be tried with minimally invasive radiofrequency treatment

Sweaty palms may not affect your health, but it can have a significant impact on your life and work. “Sweaty palms” is not an incurable disease, and many hospitals have pain clinics that can treat it.For patients with “sweaty palms”, the Analgesia Clinic will use a CT-guided puncture needle to puncture the thoracic sympathetic ganglion from the back of the chest to the anterior edge of the head of the 4th rib, and then use a radiofrequency needle to heat damage the 4th sympathetic nerve to control hand sweating. This treatment is a same-day hospitalization and same-day discharge, with a high success rate of the procedure and immediate good results. Through minimally invasive radiofrequency treatment, we can help patients solve the problem of “watery” hands.

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