Everyone knows that eating breakfast is very important because it is the first meal of the day before starting work, it helps the body to start its circulatory work after a night of rest and it provides the body with a source of energy for the morning.

Many people don’t have time to eat in the morning, but skipping breakfast can be very harmful to your body, causing your body to feel tired, your body’s blood sugar level will be insufficient, lack of concentration and lack of energy.

Breakfast is a reasonable and nutritious combination is very important, especially for men. Because every day the body sleep consumes a night of energy, the morning through the breakfast reserve energy to provide a source of energy for brain activity, but also can drive the intestinal peristalsis to promote excretion. The following is to introduce what men should eat for breakfast and what principles must be followed:

1.Drink water before breakfast
Night sleep consumes a lot of water and nutrients in the body, the body is a state of water shortage after waking up. Drink two glasses of boiled water in the morning, can replenish water at the same time can also promote intestinal metabolism, so that a night of digestive waste metabolism out. And do not eat too much breakfast, so that the body can better absorb nutrients.

2.Drinking milk for breakfast
Dairy products are rich in high-quality protein and have the highest calcium content of any food. It is recommended to drink milk at breakfast time, you can choose a glass of cow’s milk, goat’s milk or low-sugar yogurt. It can effectively promote bone development, improve the vitality of the human brain and make the nerves and muscles more active.

3.Eat fruit for breakfast
It is best to eat some fruit for breakfast, such as apples, oranges or bananas. This is because fruits are a rich source of vitamins that not only stimulate the appetite, but also contain fiber and minerals, while promoting intestinal peristalsis and maintaining the acid-base balance in the body. Eating fruit can have a beauty effect and provide a make-up effect in the morning.

The best foods for breakfast are:

In a busy life, people often don’t pay attention to breakfast nutrition and eat randomly and superficially. Bananas contain almost all vitamins and minerals, so it is easy to get a variety of nutrients from bananas. Bananas also contain a considerable amount of potassium and magnesium; potassium prevents blood pressure from rising; while magnesium has the effect of eliminating fatigue. Eating bananas for breakfast can maintain energy for a long time and support the morning work consumption.

2. Spinach
Spinach is the holy grail of foods, its stems and leaves are soft and smooth, tasty and colorful, rich in vitamin C, carotene, protein and minerals such as iron, calcium and phosphorus. It has an anti-aging and cell proliferation effect, which activates brain function and promotes youthful vitality. Spinach also contains magnesium, a mineral that the human body tends to lack. Human body daily intake of magnesium when less than 280 mg, people will feel fatigue. The role of magnesium in the body is to convert carbohydrates in the muscles into usable energy.

3.Whole grain bread
Many people are accustomed to choosing bread for breakfast because it is readily available wherever they are, but the healthiest bread to choose is whole grain. Most other breads contain yeast, which tends to cause excess stomach acid and is harmful to people with a bad stomach. And whole wheat flakes contain a lot of vitamins, fiber and minerals, coarse grains are good for human gastrointestinal health, and eat more will not be fat, but can promote the body’s toxin discharge, more conducive to human health.

Research from the American College of Nutrition shows that people who add some protein to their breakfast are less likely to stay hungry for four hours than those who eat breakfast without protein. Eating eggs is a great way to add protein, and the white of the egg contains a lot of protein. Eggs need to be cooked and eaten because there are bacteria in raw eggs, and eggs should not be eaten in large quantities. Because eggs are both high in protein and high in cholesterol, people with poor bile function need to be careful to eat less.

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