Back pain is a common symptom of modern people, caused by the lack of physical activity in modern society and the poor circulation and muscle stiffness caused by maintaining the same posture for long periods of time at work.

Back pain is not a major disease, but it can seriously affect people’s normal work life. Therefore, today I will recommend some ways to relieve back pain.

1.Perform the exercise

Exercises such as swimming and yoga can be effective in relieving back pain. Many people tend to think that yoga is only for women who want to nourish their minds and slim their bodies. In fact, yoga is also very suitable for people with back pain, because the stretching movements of yoga can effectively stretch the muscles of the back and thus play a role in relieving pain. And swimming can strengthen the body’s back muscles, effectively exercise the core muscles of the back, good relief from back pain, and even to prevent the recurrence of back pain. It is worth noting that people with frequent back pain should avoid high-impact sports such as basketball, tennis and golf, which can aggravate back injuries and cause more serious back pain.

2.Massage the back

One of the quicker and more effective ways to relieve back pain is massage. First of all, you can press the sore or tight muscles to relieve muscle tightness, the patient to find the back of the pain point, with fingertips or fist on the pain point kneading back and forth in a circle, each kneading 2-3 minutes, people who can not reach the pain point can ask others to help massage. Second, you can go to a professional massage therapist to massage, professional massage therapist can quickly help you find the problem areas, through scientific massage methods to help you relieve back pain. In general, regular massage is very good for relieving back pain.

3.Support the body

People who often feel back pain can support their body through some physical methods, which in turn can relieve back pain.

First, when sitting can be placed in the waist a lumbar, through the lumbar pillow to help the back to maintain the natural curvature, to maintain a normal sitting posture;;
Second, a pillow can be placed under the knees when lying on your back to support the knees and make the back straight;;
Finally, when working to properly adjust the body posture, in accordance with ergonomic standards to adjust the height of tables, chairs, computers and other commonly used items. By supporting the body to maintain a reasonable, scientific sitting, sleeping and working posture, can effectively relieve the pressure on the back, to avoid aggravating the symptoms of back pain due to poor posture.

4.Hot and cold compresses

Back pain symptoms are often due to inflammation in part of the back, patients can use an ice pack or towel wrapped in ice to cold compress the back, about 3 times a day, each time 10-15 minutes is good, which can effectively reduce inflammation; and hot compresses can help speed up blood circulation in the back, and thus play a role in relieving pain, patients can use a warm water bag for hot compresses, or in the shower, with hot water in the back spray 15-20 minutes.

These are some common methods to relieve back pain. If you still feel severe back pain after trying the above methods, you must go to the hospital in time for medical consultation.

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