Inevitably, there will be some deep or shallow scars on the body, which are okay if they are in hidden places, otherwise they are very unsightly. So how can we get rid of these unsightly scars?

1.Topical medication is a common way to treat scars, but this way of eliminating scars is mainly applicable to scars on superficial parts of the skin, which are more common and frequent, and we can achieve the purpose of fading and eliminating scars by means of topical medication application. However, not all scar patients are suitable to use this method of medication application, and some patients with more serious scars may not produce any effect by using medication application.

2.Injection therapy is also a way to eliminate scars. Chemotherapy is a way to eliminate scars mainly by direct injection of long-acting steroid preparations to achieve the effect of scar degradation, but the application of such chemical drugs may cause skin depigmentation, skin atrophy, capillary dilation and skin ulcers and other adverse reactions.

Scar injections are one of the non-surgical treatments for scars, but scar injections are not effective for all scars. They are effective for prominent scars and scars that are in the proliferation phase of scarring. However, scar injections are not suitable for mature scars. In order to repair mature scars, it is mainly necessary to resort to surgical treatments.

Scar softening injection can inhibit fibroblast proliferation and collagen synthesis within scar nodules, increase collagenase production, and decrease collagenase inhibitor production, thus causing changes in collagen ultrastructure. The sequential arrangement of collagen fibers can also degrade collagen nodules and promote scar maturation and removal. After injection, hypertrophic and prominent scars will gradually soften, flatten, and eventually soften and flatten.

Scar injections are usually given three months after the scar has formed and only work to soften raised scars. The results of scar injections are not seen the same day, but usually take about a week to show results and depend on the absorption of the drops by each individual.
Injectable treatments are given every 2 to 4 weeks and require multiple injections to smooth out the scar.

3.Laser, nowadays many people will choose laser treatment to eliminate some ordinary flat scars or depressed scars left after some diseases are cured.

Of course, in addition to the above, there are many other methods that can help us eliminate scars, such as surgical implants, cryotherapy, ultrasound therapy, radiation therapy, and so on. The scar conditions that exist in each person are very different, and there are great differences in the damage caused by different cases of scars, so we should not abuse drugs at will, and should choose the treatment that is suitable for us.

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