In modern society, many people drive to and from work or travel. It can be said that the car has become a kind of transportation that we can’t live without. Although the car brings convenience to our travel, people who have driven a car should know that driving for a long time will make us feel back pain. What is it all about? And what are the ways to relieve this discomfort?

Causes of back pain from long hours of driving


We all know that the car in the process of driving, is constantly vibrating, although sometimes this sense of vibration is not so obvious, but the damage to our body is real. Some people have found that the car in the process of driving, the engine and road bumps will produce a certain vibration of the driver’s seat, and the human organ itself there is a fixed vibration, so when driving, the driver’s lumbar spine will produce a physical phenomenon – resonance. Once the lumbar spine vibration, it is easy to make the lumbar spine and other fatigue, resulting in damage to the joints and other soft tissues, resulting in drivers feel back pain.

2.Sitting posture

In various postures, sitting is the most harmful to human lumbar discs, because this time the lumbar discs under the most pressure. Drivers sit still for a long time, which naturally causes damage to the lumbar spine.

3.High mental tension

When the driver is driving a car, a long time in a highly tense state, which will lead to the driver’s mind feel fatigue, thus aggravating the feeling of back pain.

How to relieve back pain while driving?

1.Minimize resonance

When buying a car, you can choose which has the car to reduce resonance, in addition to the need to do regular maintenance on the car, timely replacement of damaged parts of the car, which can play a good effect of reducing resonance. In addition, if it is a long-distance driving, it is best to choose to get out of the car at rest stops to take a break, more activities are also good for relieving back pain.

2.Learn the correct driving position

When driving, be sure to maintain the correct driving posture, which plays a certain role in preventing back pain.
These are the reasons why drivers feel back pain when driving and some ways to relieve the symptoms, of course, in the usual rest when there is free time, you can also do more exercise flexibility exercises, which can also relieve back pain.

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