Physical health is the most important situation in people’s lives should pay attention to, but people eat grains and cereals, disease is inevitable, many people will suffer from gallstones, if suffering from gallstones, for people’s body is very large, so must pay attention to up in time, can not ignore the diet of reasonable collocation, so now to learn about gallstones patients have food taboos?

What are the food taboos for people with gallstones?

1.Foods high in cholesterol, such as animal hearts, livers, brains, and intestines, as well as egg yolks, whole eggs, fish roe, and chocolate.

High-fat foods such as fatty meats, lard, fried foods, and pastries with lots of oil should not be eaten because too much fat can cause the gallbladder to contract and cause pain.

Avoid eating and drinking during holidays or gatherings of friends and relatives, because overeating will cause a large amount of bile secretion, and the strong contraction of the gallbladder will cause inflammation of the gallbladder, local colic, and so on.

2.Some spicy and stimulating condiments such as chilies and peppers, as well as beverages such as coffee and wine, may also cause irritation to the patient’s body, and such foods should not be eaten frequently.

3.Avoid foods that are too acidic.

Many people feel that fresh fruits and vegetables are good for the body and that eating more of them is good for the body. However, for gallstone patients, overly acidic foods, such as sour fruit juice, orange juice, grapefruit juice, etc., can stimulate the body’s secretion of bile hormones, resulting in the contraction of the biliopancreatic sphincter and the gallbladder, preventing the discharge of bile caused by stones, so overly acidic foods should not be eaten frequently.

What is good for gallstones?

You should eat more vitamin-rich foods, such as green vegetables, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, and cabbage, and you should usually eat more fruits, such as bananas and apples.

To use vegetable oil to fry vegetables, the dishes eaten are mainly stewed, braised and steamed.
Eat lean meat, chicken, fish, walnuts, black fungus, seaweed, algae, and so on.
Eat more foods that can promote bile secretion and relax the bile sphincter and have the effect of bile juice, such as hawthorn, umeboshi, cornhusk (make tea and drink slowly).

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