1.Loss of appetite. Due to the weakened synthesizing ability of the liver and insufficient secretion of digestive juices, the body’s digestion and absorption of food will be reduced, so the symptoms of not wanting to eat will occur.

2.Nausea and vomiting. As cirrhosis leads to the damage of esophageal mucosa and related diseases of the digestive system, it eventually causes excessive secretion of gastric acid, resulting in nausea and vomiting, so it is important to pay attention to the usual vomiting, especially for those who have a history of chronic hepatitis, and consider whether it is vomiting caused by cirrhosis.

3.Weight loss. Cirrhosis is a chronic liver disease, patients with chronic liver disease often have poor digestion and absorption functions, and the overall nutritional status of the patient will be weaker, which will lead to the patient’s growing thinness.

4.Abdominal distension is obvious. There are two reasons for cirrhosis patients to have abdominal distention, the first is that cirrhosis may cause intestinal stasis, and after intestinal stasis, digestion and absorption become poor, which will cause obvious abdominal distention. The second reason is that cirrhosis may cause portal hypertension, resulting in ascites, which may cause abdominal distention.

5.Weakness. Cirrhosis patients can’t process and metabolize nutrients effectively because of the liver, so there is a decline in the function of many organs in the whole body, and then there will be a lack of energy.

6.Dark color. Cirrhosis patients liver metabolism function decreases, melanin metabolism problems, there will be dark face dark face, is what we often say liver disease face.

7.Frequent bleeding. Cirrhosis patients may have hypersplenism, thrombocytopenia, poor coagulation function, easy to nosebleed, bleeding gums and other symptoms.

8.Hidden pain in liver area. Cirrhosis patients will have pain in the liver area due to the congestion and swelling of liver tissues pulling the outer hepatic peritoneum.

9.Spider mole, liver palm. Cirrhosis patient’s liver lesions, the body hormone changes, the body estrogen increases, will stimulate the capillary artery congestion and then formed the liver palm and spider nevus.

10.Swelling of the lower limbs. Cirrhosis patients due to the decline in protein synthesis capacity of hypoproteinemia, resulting in edema, severe patients will also appear a large number of ascites.

If the above symptoms appear in your life, you should pay attention to them, and go to the offline regular medical institutions for examination in time to exclude the possibility of cirrhosis of the liver!

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