There are some men in life have scrotal dampness, itching and other situations, because the symptoms appear in the private parts, and can not be scratched in front of others, so it will be very embarrassing, but the body can not stand, there is this situation to go to understand the reasons, and through the right things to do to actively improve, only to restore health, the body can remain relaxed. So, scrotal dampness and itching exactly how to deal with it?

1.Choose loose-fitting, breathable underwear

In order to let the scrotum moisture, itching and other situations to be resolved, you should choose the right underwear, especially the material, the size of the choice should be correct, choose the loose and breathable, comfortable fabrics, sweat-absorbing performance of the underwear, wear will feel the private parts of the relaxed and comfortable.
Some people buy the panties material is poor, the fabric is not breathable, sweat absorption ability is weak, wear in the body will feel very uncomfortable, there is a clear sense of constriction, in the hot summer itself the part to often dissipate heat, more likely to be suffocating and sweating, and therefore manifested as damp. Want to solve the problem, need to pay attention to wear.

2.Stay away from spicy and irritating foods

The dampness of the scrotum as well as the itching is really unbearable, and to improve it, the most important thing is to eat the right diet, and of course to avoid spicy things.
Avoid spicy not only in the daily diet to eat less spicy, spicy things, but also should do to stay away from alcohol and tobacco. Some people make mistakes in their habits, tobacco and alcohol do not leave the body, a variety of harmful substances continue to obtain, in addition to affecting organ function, reduce immunity, but also to the body parts caused by stimulation, which is manifested in the scrotum of the moist, and sometimes itchy. If you maintain good habits and eat right, the discomfort can be reduced.

3.Proper topical cleaning

By keeping the area hygienic and clean, you are naturally less likely to get wet or feel itchy. Many people ignore the importance of body cleaning, daily activities in many places more or less will have dirt accumulation, bacteria breeding. In the hot summer to excrete more sweat, the local will be sticky, coupled with clothing cover, binding, poor breathability, so that frequent sweating.
There are some skin problems in the development of local itching, want to relieve the discomfort of the body, the most important thing is to develop good habits, to do the proper cleaning, every day when you take a shower to clean the body.

4.Get up and move more

Many people ignore the importance of healthy exercise and feel comfortable with their lay-flat life nowadays, so they do not think about cultivating more interest in going outdoors. However, exercise improves immunity, pleases the body and mind, and also keeps the body’s metabolism and circulation good during exercise. If you continue to exercise less, your physical fitness will decrease, and it will also affect the heat dissipation of your private parts after sitting for a long time.
In the hot summer itself, high ambient temperatures, but also always sedentary, private parts of the hot state in the heat of sweltering will be easy to sweat, and therefore will continue to be in a moist state itchy feeling. And can stand up and move more, keep the local heat dissipation normal, the symptoms can be alleviated.

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