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Some patients with chronic laryngitis may gradually heal or improve on their own.
Chronic laryngitis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the mucous membrane and submucosal tissues of the throat and local lymphatic tissues that causes pain, dryness, foreign body sensation, congestion, hoarseness, and other symptoms in the throat.

The degree of chronic pharyngitis in some patients may be relatively mild. If a mild attack occurs, you should increase protective measures for the throat, try to speak less or not at all, drink more water and pay attention to a light diet.
Some patients may experience chronic inflammation-related symptoms that gradually resolve on their own. If the symptoms of laryngitis are relatively severe in some patients, it is possible that the symptoms may be prolonged or even worsened if active treatment measures are not taken to improve them.

Therefore, patients with chronic laryngitis must take appropriate treatment measures according to their specific condition.

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Asked on April 18, 2023 9:29 pm