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Edible alkali can not sterilize and disinfect. Edible alkali is a mixture of soda and baking soda, can neutralize dark green vegetables, due to excessive pesticides, and sticky organic acids or sulfides, can maintain the original color of vegetables, and remove pesticides on the contamination of vegetables. There is also a strong degreasing effect, but also able to neutralize stomach acid, for gastric ulcer and other gastric disease patients, can play an auxiliary role in protecting the stomach, but does not have the role of sterilization and disinfection.

Commonly used disinfectants with bactericidal disinfection, divided into three kinds of high performance disinfectants, medium performance disinfectants and low performance disinfectants. High-performance disinfectants can kill bacterial propagules, viruses, fungi, bacterial spores, etc., commonly used are tincture of iodine, glutaraldehyde, peroxyacetic acid, ethylene oxide, etc. Medium-effect disinfectants can kill bacterial propagules, Mycobacterium tuberculosis virus, but not bacterial spores, commonly used iodine volts, medical alcohol. Low-effect disinfectants can kill bacterial propagules, some fungi and hydrophilic viruses, but not Mycobacterium tuberculosis, hydrophilic viruses and budding spores, including benzalkonium bromide, chlorhexidine, etc.

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