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Condoms are the most common form of contraception today, but there are many ways to use contraception, such as taking the pill, choosing a woman's safe period for sex, etc. Condoms are popular because they are convenient and have no side effects on women's bodies. Some people find that condoms leak when they are used, so will they get pregnant if they leak?

Using a condom can prevent pregnancy and the spread of vaginal infections and sexually transmitted diseases. Using condoms should be safe, but if a condom is torn or falls out of the vagina, or if a condom is not used on time during intercourse, it can lead to unwanted pregnancy. There are many methods of contraception, including short-acting pills, intrauterine devices, condoms, safe periods, and bilateral tubal ligations or vasectomies are all commonly used methods of contraception. The actual situation must be considered.

Contraceptive methods

1.Safe method of contraception: contraceptive success rate of 70% to 80%.

That is, using the female menstrual cycle projection method, or the basal body temperature measurement method, or the cervical mucus observation method, etc., to grasp a woman's ovulation period and choose the method of having intercourse during the non-ovulatory period (i.e., safe period) and not having intercourse during ovulation to prevent pregnancy, so that the sperm and egg miss the meeting of the rendezvous. Women with regular menstruation ovulate about 14-16 days before their next scheduled period, and it is not safe for 2-3 days before and after that date; other dates are safe.

2.Topical contraceptives - including contraceptive creams and diaphragms: 70-80% contraceptive success rate.

Before making love, rub the film into the vagina and let it dissolve to work.

3.Male condom: 80% to 98% contraceptive success.

The condom is placed on the genitals by the male partner before sex. This is the most commonly used method among young people and has the great advantage of not interfering with the woman's physiology in any way and also preventing sexually transmitted diseases. The biggest obstacle to insisting on its use is that no matter how much the texture of the condom is improved, there are still some people who feel that the film interferes with their ability to enjoy sex to the fullest.

4.Surgical Contraception

Surgical contraception can be achieved by placing an intrauterine device or by tubal ligation.

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