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Kiwi fruit does not have an active glucose-lowering effect and therefore cannot replace existing glucose-lowering regimens. Some patients may find that their blood glucose levels are lower after eating kiwifruit than they were before, most likely because the patient ate mostly kiwifruit that day and less other foods, so in terms of total daily energy intake, eating kiwifruit may have reduced energy intake, making the blood glucose appear lower.

Blood glucose levels are strongly related to daily energy intake; when energy intake is high, blood glucose levels will be high, and when energy intake is low, blood glucose levels will be low. Therefore, if you eat mainly kiwifruit and no other staple foods or dishes at all, your blood sugar will naturally decrease as your energy intake decreases, but the decrease in blood sugar is not related to the kiwifruit itself, but to the decrease in daily energy intake. Therefore, in the treatment of diabetes, the principle of the diet plan is to control the daily energy intake, and within a reasonable fixed range, the energy intake is reduced and the blood glucose naturally decreases, only the total amount of energy intake is controlled, but there are no excessive restrictions on the type of food.

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Asked on March 17, 2023 4:11 pm