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The phenomenon of masturbation is common in unmarried men, and in married men due to short term separation of couples, business trips, divorce, widowhood and other reasons also often through masturbation to vent the exuberant sexual energy.Many men enjoy the physical and mental pleasure that masturbation brings them, but at the same time, they have a certain psychological burden, worrying that masturbation will cause some harm to their health, and some of them may have a very serious psychological burden.Many patients with chronic prostatitis also suspect that their disease is related to masturbation.The actual fact is that many people with chronic prostatitis strictly abstain from masturbation, or quit masturbation, but the ensuing seminal emission adds new worries to their already painful lives.

So, can masturbation actually lead to the development of chronic prostatitis? This has to be looked at differently.

The prostate's blood circulation is characterized by a rich arterial blood supply and a relatively high resistance to venous blood return, if there are some factors that contribute to the long-term recurrent congestion of the prostate, it will aggravate the venous return obstruction, local blood stagnation, local immune resistance decreases, bacteria stay longer in the local area, increasing the chances of infection.A few of the patients due to long-term formation of excessive frequent bad masturbation habits, so that the prostate long-term congestion bruising, the normal secretion of the prostate, excretion function is seriously affected, may become the cause of induced prostatitis.But it is important to realize that even patients who have a long history of frequent masturbation will not always end up with chronic prostatitis.There are significant individual differences in the definition of whether or not masturbation is too frequent and in the resistance of individuals to disease, and most unmarried men do not masturbate as often as they think they do.

The majority of adult males as long as they grasp the frequency of masturbation, there is no need to worry about masturbation induced prostatitis, and moderate masturbation can also help clear the prostate fluid, relieve the prostate blood stagnation, to protect or restore the function of the prostate has some positive significance.

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Asked on March 10, 2023 1:46 pm