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Circumcision of older children and adults is usually performed under local anesthesia. Circumcision is mildly painful during anesthesia and is usually tolerated.

In general, penile root anesthesia and local infiltration anesthesia are most commonly used in clinical practice. With the development of medical devices, the traditional circumcision method is no longer considered a necessary surgical procedure, and disposable circumcision devices are replacing the traditional surgical method. The use of local anesthesia has greatly reduced the pain during the procedure due to the much shorter operation time and the popularity of local anesthesia.Previously, traditional circumcision typically took 30 minutes to an hour, and as the anesthesia was absorbed and metabolized, the patient still felt pain during the final stages of the procedure. Most patients feel no pain during the procedure and tolerate it very well.

In summary, circumcision is actually not very painful, the choice of a more advantageous surgical method to reduce the pain of surgery will help a lot, there will be a little pain in the injection of anesthesia, anesthesia takes effect soon after the surgical pain disappears, there may be pain after surgery, generally can be tolerated.

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Asked on April 20, 2023 4:12 pm