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In addition to burns caused by accidents, burns are also easy to occur in everyday life in places such as kitchens, so how to make the right treatment in the first place in the face of unexpected situations?
1.The first time to get away from the source of injury, as soon as possible to take off the burning clothes, do not run, do not shout, as far as possible to reduce the high temperature and smoke damage to the respiratory tract.

2.Cold therapy: Cold water rinsing or soaking, such as rinsing or showering with plenty of tap water for 20-30 minutes, to facilitate subsequent debridement. It can effectively reduce further damage caused by heat.

3.Protection of burn wounds: simple bandaging with clean sheets, clothing, etc. The wounds must not be coated with colored drugs, so as not to affect the judgment of the depth of the wounds in the subsequent treatment. If the family small and medium-sized minor burns, you can use the spray dressing emergency spray on the trauma, to achieve the effect of rapid repair trauma.

4.Burn patients, especially those who are seriously ill, should seek medical attention nearby and be transferred to a hospital with a burn specialist after a doctor's evaluation.

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Asked on June 9, 2023 12:35 am