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Fracture healing is an ongoing process. Closed fractures are usually divided into the hematoma mechanization phase, the primary bone scab formation phase, and the bone scab remodeling and shaping phase. During the hematoma mechanization phase, many cytokines and inflammatory cells have begun to be recruited, and many collagen fibers and reticular fibers have also been produced, allowing fibrous connections to form at the fracture end in about 2 weeks, setting the stage for subsequent primary bone scab formation. In fact, healing of closed fractures, usually after repositioning and fixation, has already begun after 2 weeks. The healing time of open fractures is relatively longer than that of closed fractures.

The time it takes for a fracture to heal is actually related to many factors, including local soft tissue damage, local blood flow. Where there is an abundant blood supply, the fracture recovery time will be shorter and the healing time will be significantly faster. Open fractures with poor blood supply will take significantly longer to heal. There is also a strong correlation with local soft tissue damage.

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