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A woman's prelude is from the moment she wants to meet a man, or from the moment she meets him. When a woman makes love, she incorporates the situation of the day into her lingering.

If the man is not cheating on her with her, then send her flowers first! If you can't afford a bouquet, buy one! Give the woman a small gift when you meet her; take some time to walk with her, chat with her, and give her a deep hug that any woman would love.

Appropriate prelude, is necessary for sex. Many men are excited to penis insertion, women are not yet excited, he spit some saliva or something to replace the woman's secretions, women can not resent it?

Even if a man can make her reach orgasm, she will still not be satisfied and this orgasm has no quality. This is because it is only her physical instinctive orgasm and does not represent her psychological orgasm. For a woman, her psychological orgasm is more important than her instinctive physical orgasm (a woman's orgasm should be a full orgasm, including hardware and software, then the physical and psychological orgasm).

In fiction, there are often descriptions of men making love, kissing all over the woman's body. In fact, men do not need to make love all over the woman's body every time, but can be used to help touch her body or kiss her ears, especially sucking the back of her ears to replace.

Tip: The back of the ear is one of the most sensitive areas for women, and women are most susceptible to verbal teasing. Compliment her! Even if she is not very beautiful, praise her. Search the dictionary for all the most beautiful words and be brave enough to praise her with any of the most fleshy words; but be careful of the tone of your voice so that she seems to be in a hazy dream. Men can be joking, not like a soldier drill general tight face, make the atmosphere a little lighter!

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Asked on April 4, 2023 12:42 pm