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Our health is inseparable from exercise, different exercises for different people play a different effect. Many people have back pain after exercise, do you know how to avoid it? Let's take a look.

1.Warm-up exercise

Do a good job of preparing activities before exercise, such as low-intensity aerobic exercise or low-load weight training, will be able to relax the joints of muscle activity parts, accelerate blood circulation, and properly stretch the active muscle groups. If you do not warm up before exercise, it is easy to cause back pain, and the load will be increased.

2.Gradual and orderly

The load of exercise, exercise time should be gradually increased in a gradual manner, do not exceed the range of personal ability.

3.Avoid eccentric contraction

Engage in unfamiliar or rarely engaged in the type of exercise, especially when engaged in repeated centrifugal muscle contraction exercise, more likely to occur muscle pain, so should avoid eccentric contraction exercise. The cause of back pain also has a certain relationship with centrifugal exercise, so it can lead to back pain.

4.Avoid excessive exercise

Many people usually rarely exercise, occasionally exercise once in a while, to wear themselves out to feel addicted, so inevitably the next day back pain, so not often exercise people should pay attention to exercise when appropriate. Because a lot of exercise not only can not achieve the purpose of exercise, but also harmful to the body. If the exercise is excessive, it will also lead to back pain after the exercise.
About avoid back pain some methods, you know it, pay attention to do a good job before the exercise warm-up exercise, but also pay attention to not excessive exercise, pay attention to the gradual, so that the case can reduce back pain, oh, I hope these can help you.

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Asked on June 24, 2023 3:01 pm