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Patients with moderate fatty liver are more serious because they are at risk of progressing to severe fatty liver and cirrhosis. Patients with fatty liver are 16 times more likely to develop liver cancer than the normal population, so patients with moderate fatty liver should pay attention to the following areas for improvement:

1.Eliminate the cause: If it is caused by long-term alcohol consumption, the first thing to do is to stop drinking and pay attention to vitamin B and folic acid supplementation. If it is caused by obesity and hyperlipidemia, you need to control blood sugar, take lipid-lowering drugs, increase exercise and eat low-fat diet. Pay attention to weight loss, but the process of weight loss should not be too fast, generally 3%-5% of body weight loss per month. Too rapid weight loss and excessive fat secretion will also aggravate fatty liver. If fatty liver is caused by drugs, such as triamcinolone acetonide, you need to weigh the pros and cons and adjust the medication. If fatty liver is caused by malnutrition, a high-protein diet is needed to improve nutrition.

2.Dietary conditioning: Since caloric intake can increase fat synthesis in the body, thus accelerating hepatocyte steatosis in patients, patients with moderate fatty liver should have a reasonable diet with moderate increases in meals such as lean meat, fish, egg whites, and fresh vegetables, as well as high-fiber foods such as corn, wheat bran, and soybeans, which help increase satiety and can control blood sugar and blood lipids to some extent;

3.Medical treatment: If liver damage occurs in patients with moderate fatty liver, they must use liver-protective drugs to treat the fatty liver and stop the drugs only when it disappears, otherwise the transaminases will rise again. In addition, when the patient's liver cells become diseased, drugs such as ornithine menthylate granules, polyene phosphatidylcholine capsules and diammonium glycyrrhizate must be used under the guidance of a doctor to prevent fatty infiltration of liver cells and repair liver damage.

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