Is the presence of white, cloudy urine a typical symptom of chronic prostatitis?« Back to Questions List

Some men experience occasional or frequent white, cloudy urine when they urinate in the morning or after a bowel movement and worry that they have chronic prostatitis. And some patients who have been cured of chronic prostatitis suspect that their prostatitis has returned after observing a similar situation. There are two aspects to this phenomenon.

One condition may be prostatic overflow. Another condition may be due to excessive exercise or the influence of certain ingredients in the diet, which produce inorganic salt crystalline urine that accumulates in the bladder and is expelled when urinating, causing the phenomenon of white urine. Microscopic examination of the urine at this time may reveal a large number of salt crystals, or a small amount of hydrochloric acid dropped into the urine may cause the urine to change from cloudy to clear. In addition, laboratory tests can clarify whether this white, cloudy urine is due to celiac disease and thus detect the associated disease, but this is very rare.

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Asked on March 18, 2023 2:43 pm