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1.Do not quarrel

Nothing is more threatening to a good mood than a quarrel, and quarrels between couples are inevitable and frequent. For some couples, fighting and sex are often linked. They ask for sex immediately after a fight, hoping to use physical warmth to resolve the emotional conflict. Some couples, on the other hand, stop caring for each other after a fight and take the elimination of sex as a punishment for the other party, both of which are wrong.

2.Create a good atmosphere

The atmosphere before the couple's life has a great impact on sex, many couples may have this experience, what happy things happen at home, or for some reason feel that the spouse is particularly beautiful, often easy to produce sexual demands, or the other party's sexual demands not to refuse. Therefore, couples should not discuss unpleasant things, such as family tensions, children in trouble, older junior relationship tensions, etc., before sex, otherwise it will fail.

3.Take good care of your body

You must understand that when you are healthy, your sex life is also easy to harmonize.

4.More feel some TV, movies, books and other media of warm images

A woman who is not confused said: when my husband and I enjoy the movies and certain shots on TV, as well as certain images, novels in certain episodes and certain dear gentle language and action, I will produce the passion of love, we are in this case sex can generally reach orgasm. A little longer, fancy play more, so indulge in a time, we are very harmonious for a long time.

5.Pay attention to dress

Both men and women are visual animals, dressing in accordance with the aesthetics of both husband and wife can improve the couple's interest in married life. Both men and women should pay attention to their clothes. Women should pay more attention to this. Appropriate makeup can enhance the charm of appearance, but also to make up for the lack of innate appearance, to bring good sensory stimulation to the husband.

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Asked on April 3, 2023 1:27 pm