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In fact, every person, whether man or woman, depends on hormones to maintain their body. There are two sex hormones included, one is estrogen and the other is androgen. As androgens are mainly found in men and estrogens are mainly found in women, both maintain the secondary sexual characteristics of men and women and also contribute to the development of eggs and sperm. Androgens not only maintain male secondary sexual characteristics, but can also cause some problems in sperm function.

There are many foods that maintain the level of male hormones, such as leeks, oysters, shellfish, peanuts, dates, and honey, which exist in daily life. There are also some animal livers, such as pig liver, chicken liver, and duck liver. In addition, beef and mutton, lean meat, other eggs, are better for raising androgens. So, when preparing to have a baby, men should pay attention to exercise, in addition to eating supplements, to quit smoking and drinking, and usually eat more of these foods, even if the health of men who do not want children, there are really some benefits.

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Asked on December 10, 2022 3:28 pm