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Orgasm has many benefits for women, such as improving blood circulation, promoting sleep, improving insomnia, and promoting good health.

1.Promote blood circulation. Orgasm can promote blood circulation, improve the body's antibodies, improve the body's immunity, but also can effectively drive away depression and maintain a good mood.

2.Promote sleep. After orgasm, it is easy to make people go to sleep quickly and improve the symptoms of physical weakness. After orgasm, the body gets movement and easily goes to sleep, which can also effectively improve insomnia.

3.Promotes physical health. Orgasm can improve physical health, but it also helps promote reproductive health.

4.Soothe emotions: Orgasm refers to the gradually increasing state of excitement and tension during the sexual response cycle, and when this state reaches its peak, it explodes with extreme pleasure. This can relax a woman's body, relieve stress, cathartic emotions, and relieve bad feelings.

5.Improve immunity: orgasm can promote vaginal metabolism and enhance vaginal resistance to disease, and orgasm also has the effect of improving appetite, detoxifying the liver and relieving depression, which can improve women's immunity to a certain extent.

6.Beauty : orgasm can promote the secretion of dehydroepiandrosterone in women's bodies, which can slow down aging and keep the skin healthy. In addition, the orgasm can also regulate the level of endocrine, maintain the mood, which may play a role in beauty.

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Asked on March 15, 2023 5:51 pm