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What is the first sensitive point of men's sex life? Some people say that women are sensitive points all over their bodies, while the most pleasant parts of men are only the genitals. This statement is true. But many people do not know that even important organs, there is a difference between high sensitivity and low sensitivity. The main sensitive areas of the male organ are the penis (including the glans and penis body), the scrotum, the root of the thighs, the perineum, etc. The penile foreskin ties are important.

For men, the prepuce is a very important and sensitive area for sexual intercourse.

The foreskin under the glans is attached to the fleshy fold of the external urethra. Since sex education is not widespread enough, many teenagers and even adult men do not know much about the structure of their genitals, let alone what the foreskin ties are.

The reason why the foreskin tether has such an important role is inextricably linked to its physiological structure. The most important branch of the sensory nerve in the pubic area is the dorsal penile nerve, which is mainly located on the back of the penis and is responsible for the sensation of the glans and penile skin. A small branch of the dorsal penile nerve is specifically distributed to the foreskin tether, so the foreskin tether is very sensitive to external stimuli and is the most sensitive part of the penis, which of course becomes the most important sexually sensitive area for men.

How to effectively stimulate the prepuce to bring full sexual pleasure to men?

In fact, the foreskin tie responds to sexual stimulation in a similar way to the female clitoris. Direct and intense stimulation can cause discomfort. However, indirect and soft stimulation by pressing and rubbing the prepuce can be twice as effective.

For example, moving back and forth with the foreskin covering this part, or applying a small amount of topical lubricant.
The structure of the foreskin tie is unique and incorrect stimulation not only does not bring sexual pleasure, but can lead to injury, tearing or breaking of the foreskin tie, causing pain and bleeding, which may require surgery in severe cases. Therefore, care should be taken to protect the sensitive and vulnerable area during sexual activity. When cleaning the glans and foreskin, men should also carefully clean the easily soiled foreskin ties.

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