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A positive urine test for occult blood is called hematuria. Usually, red blood cells are microscopically hematuria under a high-powered view if they are >3, in which case a positive urine test for occult blood may be presented.

Some diseases related to the urinary system can cause this positive occult blood, such as some nephrological diseases, glomerulonephritis or nephrotic syndrome, which can lead to the appearance of occult blood in the urine. These red blood cells are usually morphologically abnormal and distorted, and sometimes protein may be present in the urine.

Some other causes of hematuria, including urinary tract infections, injuries, stones, tuberculosis, and tumors, as well as some vascular malformations of the urinary tract, such as aneurysms, arteriovenous fistulas, hemangiomas, renal infarcts, and other nutcracker syndromes, are also causes of hematuria that can occur after exercise.

In addition, some systemic diseases such as hematologic diseases, diabetes mellitus, or use of some anticoagulant drugs may also present with microscopic hematuria. For this type of hematuria, it is necessary to improve the corresponding examination to clarify and diagnose it, and to treat it accordingly.

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