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What to eat after exercising in the evening depends on the overall goals and preferences of the person exercising. There are four general goals of sports and fitness: to reduce fat through fitness, to increase muscle through fitness, to increase weight through sports and fitness, and to promote physical and mental health through fitness. According to the overall goal is not the same, the evening after the fitness intake of ingredients are also different.

Those who want to build muscle through fitness need to supplement the ingredients of high-protein foods such as eggs, chicken breast, fish, shrimp, etc. After exercise, they can also consume sports and fitness supplements such as protein powder, muscle building powder, etc., if available. Moderate supplementation of carbohydrate compounds such as white rice, toast bread, potatoes, etc. is also necessary. Because muscle growth requires not only protein, but also carbohydrate compounds to replenish kinetic energy.

If you are trying to lose fat or improve your physical and mental health through fitness, you may want to avoid high-calorie foods after exercise.Such as fried foods, snacks, dried fruit, dried fruit, etc.You can drink more water, and its supplemental vegetables and fruits, etc.

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Asked on April 4, 2023 12:06 pm