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This is a major concern for patients and a very difficult question for doctors to answer.

Because up to now, there is no accepted standard for curing premature ejaculation, and sex time and satisfaction are affected by foreplay, environment, atmosphere, physical condition, frequency of sex, tacit understanding of sex, female response condition, vaginal tightness and many other factors, each factor will affect the quality of your sex life, and is not simply a question of time duration.

Just because you are satisfied with your sex life this time doesn't mean you will be satisfied the next time! Many clinical patients ask for "cure", "complete treatment", "no recurrence", etc., which doctors find difficult to answer. Therefore, in the clinic I often ask patients about their expectations (I think it is necessary to discuss this issue with patients before treatment) - what do you hope to achieve most of your sex life time through treatment?

Through the comprehensive treatment of premature ejaculation and the improvement of the patient's sexual skills and sexual understanding of the couple, it should be cured if the satisfaction rate of the couple's sexual life is above 50%.

The length of time is not the ultimate goal of treatment for premature ejaculation patients, getting a satisfactory and harmonious sex life should be the pursuit of premature ejaculation treatment, to achieve this goal, in addition to the doctor's treatment, but also requires the joint efforts of both husband and wife. After all, sexual life is a matter of two sexual partners, and that wonderful music needs to be written by two people together.

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Asked on March 10, 2023 1:32 pm