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Laser surgery can only change the degree of refractive error at the time of surgery, but it does not guarantee that nearsightedness will not return. If you continue to use your eyes for a long time, at close distances and in an unhealthy manner, myopia will return or even worsen, depending on your individual needs.

Laser Surgery Again
Due to individual differences, unevenness of the corneal stromal bed, fluctuations in laser energy, and environmental changes, laser surgery may not achieve optimal vision in a single treatment. In some cases, there may be a return of myopia or a worsening of the original myopia.

For myopic patients with adequate corneal thickness, laser surgery can be performed again under the original flap to obtain good results. The time of reoperation should be chosen after 6 months of basic refractive stability, and reoperation is not recommended for those with unstable refractive error. The reoperation is generally free of adverse complications, and the postoperative visual acuity and refractive error are basically stable.

Artificial lens implantation surgery

After laser surgery and myopia, the corneal thinning or regression is high, and the correction effect is not good again. Therefore, this can also be applied to myopia after laser surgery, where the refractive status is predictable and controllable.


After laser surgery due to the routine use of glucocorticoid drugs, may lead to an increase in intraocular pressure, and then produce the illusion of myopia, can be improved by taking the oral formula cassia capsule, its main ingredient has psyllium, can be water and bright eyes, reduce intraocular pressure.

As the intraocular pressure decreases, the force that causes the cornea to bulge forward after surgery decreases, the curvature of the anterior and posterior surfaces of the cornea is small, and the refractive power is low, thus reducing or preventing postoperative myopia.
The use of timolol maleate eye drops and tropicamide eye drops also has a better effect. The specific drugs used should be used according to your own situation and under the guidance of a doctor.

Wearing Eyeglasses for Correction

If the patient does not want to continue with the surgery, or if the myopia is low after the laser surgery and does not seriously affect the patient, the patient can also choose to wear frames or contact lenses to achieve a good correction.

Sight needs to be maintained for life, not after surgery when you can do whatever you want. In daily life, it is especially important to develop good habits and raise awareness about eye care, which is the best way to achieve a long-lasting effect.

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