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Fox sweating is a serious manifestation of axillary hyperhidrosis, which is mainly associated with excessive secretion of upper axillary sweat glands, bacterial decomposition of secretion of upper axillary sweat glands, production of unsaturated fatty acids and odor caused by ammonia, and the symptoms will increase in summer. Patients with mild symptoms take drugs, laser and other non-surgical treatment; patients with more severe symptoms can take surgical treatment.

Non-surgical treatment is the most commonly used treatment for underarm perspiration and is appropriate for most patients, including topical medications, laser, microwave, and radiation. For example, aluminum chloride solution can be used to treat underarm perspiration. It is applied to the armpits once a week in appropriate amounts and generally gives good results. You can also use carbon dioxide laser to cauterize the hair follicles point by point, 1-2 seconds per point to reach the depth of the hair papillae, which can also reduce the smell of fox odor to some extent.

Surgical treatment is applicable to patients with more severe fox odor sweating, and patients with more severe unilateral fox odor can undergo surgical treatment. At present, minimally invasive modified radical surgery is commonly used, which usually selects a V-shaped incision, wide U-suture with pressure bandage, and turns the skin piece to cut out the sweat glands and their ducts to achieve maximum treatment.

In addition to the above conventional treatment modalities, it is necessary to maintain daily local cleanliness and timely change of clothes; pay attention to a light diet and avoid spicy and stimulating foods.

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