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A swollen finger that hits the table can be the result of a tendon injury, ligament injury, or fracture. Patients can follow medical advice for life care, physical therapy, medication, and surgery to relieve the symptoms of a swollen finger.

1.Tendon injury: When the patient's hand hits the table, the finger will be subjected to external force, which may lead to partial or total tearing of the tendon, rupture of blood vessels and bleeding, resulting in swelling. Patients should rest for a while to reduce the pressure of external force on the tendon to reduce the symptoms of tendon injury, or they can follow the doctor's instructions to use Yunnan Baiyao, Shu Tendon Pill and other blood activating drugs to relieve blood stasis;

2.Ligament injury: If the patient's hand hits the table and the finger ligaments are forcefully stretched beyond their tolerance, ligament injury may occur, and the patient may experience local swelling, pain, and hematoma. Patients are advised to apply ice for 15-20 minutes to constrict blood vessels and reduce bleeding, thereby relieving the symptoms of finger swelling;

3.Fracture: Patients with osteoporosis have fragile bones and are prone to fractures. At this time, the symptoms of fracture can occur when the finger hits the table, and patients usually experience severe pain and swelling of the finger, which requires surgical treatment.

If the finger is swollen and the pain is severe, patients are advised to see a hand surgeon for visual examination, X-ray examination, arthroscopy, etc. to determine the specific cause. At the same time, patients should maintain a good work and rest schedule, ensure sufficient sleep time, and drink less alcohol, strong tea or coffee, and other stimulating beverages to avoid affecting wound healing.

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