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A broken finger can usually be helped by drinking vegetable soup, lean meat soup or bone broth in moderation after surgery. It is important that you eat a nutritious diet after surgery, with a good mix of meals and a balanced intake of main and side dishes, not just soup.

1.Vegetable soup: Surgical treatment may cause some trauma to the body. Drinking vegetable soup during recovery has a certain effect of supplementing vitamins, which by supplementing vitamins plays a more direct role in helping the body to recover.

2.Lean meat soup: During the post-operative recovery period, a certain amount of protein must be supplemented to provide energy and promote the body's recovery. You can drink lean meat soup in moderation, which is rich in high-quality protein and can provide the body with protein and other nutrients, which is conducive to post-operative recovery.

3.Big bone soup: big bone soup is rich in calcium, and broken fingers will produce a certain trauma to the finger bones, calcium is one of the main components of the composition of bones, we should pay attention to proper calcium supplementation, you can drink more big bone soup, there is a certain role of calcium supplementation.

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Asked on March 14, 2023 12:32 am