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A sore throat and runny, yellow nose can be caused by conditions such as colds, tonsillitis, rhinitis, and sinusitis, which can usually be treated with medications and other means.

1.Cold: Most of them are upper respiratory tract infections caused by viral infections. Patients may suffer from nasal congestion, sneezing, runny nose and other symptoms during the onset of the disease due to viral invasion, and if the inflammation is stimulating for the mucous membrane and nerves of the pharynx, it may also cause obvious throat pain. Generally, medicines such as cold and flu granules and aminogalactam tablets can be used for treatment under the guidance of a doctor.

2.Tonsillitis: It is a non-specific inflammation of the tonsils caused by various reasons. When the tonsils are stimulated by inflammatory factors, it may cause congestion and edema in the tonsils, resulting in a sore throat. If the inflammation involves the nasal cavity, it may cause nasal inflammation, resulting in yellow nasal discharge. Patients may also experience headache, fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, and other symptoms that can usually be treated with medication such as amoxicillin capsules under the supervision of a physician.

3.Rhinitis: is an inflammatory disease that occurs in the nasal mucosa and submucosa tissue, when the inflammation stimulates the nasal mucosa will lead to inflammatory reaction in the nasal mucosa, resulting in nasal mucosa epithelial necrosis, detachment, increased mucus secretion, and then the symptoms of yellow nasal discharge. When the throat is tired, there will also be symptoms of sore throat, patients can follow medical advice to apply budesonide inhalation aerosol and other drugs for treatment.

4.Sinusitis: is an inflammatory disease that occurs in the mucous membrane of the sinuses, mostly due to bacterial, viral and other infections, due to inflammatory stimulation may lead to increased purulent nasal secretions, and may also be accompanied by nasal congestion, headache and other symptoms, and pus nasal discharge may flow to the throat, causing some stimulation to the throat and a sore throat. Patients can usually apply Clarithromycin dispersible tablets, Amoxicillin and other drugs under the guidance of doctors for treatment.

In addition, pharyngitis may also occur in the case of such symptoms, it is recommended that patients promptly go to the ENT department of the hospital for visual examination, blood tests, etc. to identify the cause and actively cooperate in the treatment to avoid delaying the disease.

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