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Some men may experience clinical symptoms of acute or chronic prostatitis during the honeymoon period for the following reasons:

1.The groom often has a very strong sexual excitement due to the first taste of the sweetness of sex, and is extremely prone to an overly frequent sexual life and excessive indulgence. A research report shows that the rate of acute prostatitis in men who have sustained multiple sexual intercourse in a short period of time is as high as 89.7%.

2.The groom is overly busy because of the wedding, decorating the new house, setting up a banquet; long hours in the car, travel and overwork; hunger and satiety disorders, do not pay attention to cold and warm and other irregularities in life, can make the whole body or local resistance is reduced. When the bacteria in the urethra or other parts of the body invade the prostate directly or indirectly, it can develop.

3.the groom on the honeymoon to eat and drink, drinking too much alcohol, eating too much spicy and stimulating food, or taking aphrodisiac drugs, etc., can make the prostate overly congested and develop.

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Asked on March 11, 2023 5:41 pm