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The symptom of dark floating shadows in the eyes may be caused by non-disease factors in daily life, or it may be caused by disease factors such as uveitis, vitreous lesions, retinal damage, etc. You should take care of your eyes in general.

I. Non-disease factors

Lack of sleep, prolonged use of computers, cell phones and other electronic products, or prolonged indulgence in reading, watching movies and other activities can cause eye muscle fatigue and affect the quality of vision. In this case, there is a possibility of some dark shadows when the eyes look at things. In daily life, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and ensure sufficient rest time will be alleviated.

2.Disease factors

(1) Uveal lesions: due to inflammatory stimulation, such as uveitis, can lead to increased eye discharge, affecting visual function, and may be accompanied by eye pain, tearing symptoms. This situation can be treated with dexamethasone sodium phosphate eye drops, prednisolone acetate eye drops and other medications as prescribed by the doctor;

(2) vitreous lesions: such as suffering from mosquito bites, retinal perivasculitis and other diseases, may lead to vitreous damage, which may lead to black shadows in front of the eyes, vision loss. Can be combined with the condition under the guidance of the doctor to use lecithin complex iodine capsules, aminopeptide eye drops and other drugs for treatment;

(3) Damage to the retina: retinal detachment and retinal hemorrhage can damage the retina, affecting the eye's visual function and causing dark shadows in front of the eyes. Retinal diseases also often lead to vision loss and require immediate treatment, such as surgery for retinal detachment.

In addition, diseases such as peripapillary retinal vein inflammation and retinal vein occlusion can also cause black shadows in front of the eyes and require timely treatment by an eye care professional.
In conclusion, black shadows in front of the eyes may not necessarily be caused by eye diseases, but also by non-disease factors. If you can rule out non-disease factors, you need to see an eye doctor in time to prevent the condition from worsening.

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