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In clinical practice, waking up in the morning with an unpleasant odor in the palm may be caused by localized sebaceous gland secretion, fungal infection, trauma, and other factors. Patients are advised to go to the hospital in a timely manner for appropriate examination to clarify the cause and then carry out targeted treatment.

1.Local sebaceous glands in the palms: mainly caused by increased secretion of androgens in the body, related to personal constitution, local sebaceous glands can lead to more sweating, coupled with factors such as sleeping with a thicker cover at night and lead to sweaty palms, thus causing a foul smell in the palms. Patients can be treated by taking vitamin B6 tablets, vitamin B2 tablets and other drugs, and should choose the right thickness of covers according to the weather temperature.

2.Fungal infection: This may be due to sweaty palms and easy sweating. Under sweaty conditions, fungi such as dermatophytes cause ringworm by multiplying and decomposing keratin, which mixes with urea and lactic acid in sweat, which may cause a foul odor on the patient's hands. In addition, clinical symptoms may include itching, blistering, and dry skin. Patients can be treated with topical clotrimazole ointment, sertaconazole nitrate cream, terbinafine hydrochloride cream, or oral itraconazole capsules, fluconazole tablets, etc.

3.Trauma: If there is trauma to the hand, infection of the wound may cause pus, rupture and foul odor, which usually goes unnoticed and is found in the morning. Patients are advised to go to the hospital in time for treatment with measures such as debridement, disinfection and dressing.

In addition, if one suffers from hyperthyroidism or hyperpituitarism, it may be accompanied by hand sweating, resulting in more sweaty hands and a foul odor, and it is recommended that the primary disease be treated promptly at a hospital endocrinology clinic.

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